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. those agencies, those agencies that put out their regulations are required by law to explain to the american people whether it's worth it or not. they havele to certify how many hours it's going to take the american people to comply with all their new regulations. 81 year, mr. speaker, million hours. 1 million hours just last year were added to the federal regulatory code book in new work for men and women across this country. why is that low? the federal government is borrowing money to spend here. there is no prospect for tax relief on the horizon. taxes keep going up. brand new health care bill in place that folks don't understand. going to destroy their health care system, not to mention add to their cost of their business. and the federal government last year in the midst of this terrible recession, the midst of this difficult economy, added $33.9 billion in additional costs through regulatory activity that's going to take 81 million hours to complete. let's do some back of the envelope math, mr. speaker. 81 million hours. the average work year, 40 hours a week, you wor
of the president's health care law. >> something we're not giving up on. >> same old stuff. >> we're not giving up on destroying the health care system for the american people. >> what? >> we are not giving up o n destroying the health care system for the american people. >> we don't like this law. >> somehow magically maintains savings of obama care. >> please explain that to me. >> it is impossible. >> that doesn't make sense. >> recall if you will campaign 2012. >> $760 billion. >> $716 billion. funneled out of medicare by president obama, we are going to stop it. >> they're not restoring those. >> treating this fake charade like a budget. >> unrealistic. >> uncompromising. >> la la land fantasy. >> like fiction for rand than it is a budget. >>> tonight, president obama had the audacity to suggest that washington's holy grail, a balanced budget, is not actually the holiest thing you can pursue in government. >> paul ryan today put forward his budget. >> right. >> and says he is challenging you to come forward with a budget that reaches balance. are you going to do that? >> no. my goal is not to
is in the business of making law. the supreme court interprets the law. they strike down the law, they strike down the law. the tests in heller with respect to unusual weapons, to other things, i think do not cover -- in other words, they cover an exemption for assault weapons. >> is that true, cynthia? the supreme court ruled in favor of assault weapons ban, as pointed out a few moments ago. >> exactly. >> i guess you can have the right to carry in d.c. which i don't agree with, but you can do it. >> there are absolutely no rights in the bill of rights that are absolute, as sam said earlier, and the assault weapons ban was in effect for a decade. no one said, at least the supreme court didn't say it was unconstitutional. heller has come along since then, but heller does not say all assault weapons must be legal. it says that authorities may, in fact, pass laws restricting gun ownership. >> in fact, that bastion of liberal thinking, justice scalia said that you can't have regulations on guns. i mean, i don't understand what the argument is about. conservative members of the court saying it's okay
about what the second amendment is and what it is is not. so did ted cruz not go to law school? has he ever been to law school? >> i believe he went to harvard law school. do they teach law there? >> did they teach ted cruz to read what the supreme court said, especially in the landmark, the landmark decision regarding second amendment rights over 200 years was written in 2008. i'm just wondering why would he use his seat on the judiciary committee if he went to harvard to -- to -- to put forward a willfully ignorant statement about this bill violating the second amendment, because it does not. and ted cruz knows it does not. so who is he playing for? is he playing for -- for -- for people who can't read, for illiterates? i don't understand. you know, a lot of people out there that support ted cruz's position that will say, this is not a violation of the second amendment, however, i have real concerns because you take this first step, the next thing you know they are trying to overturn heller and try to get my shotguns and try to get my hundreding rifles. i don't mean to go on and on h
of flight attendants, the american federation of government employees, and the federal law enforcement officers association. >> no objections been good afternoon, administrator pistole. after september 11, 0 planes have been taken down by sharp objects where sharp objects would've been used to my understanding, they're been through a dense as well. spent there was one attempt at hijacking internationally but if you talk about domestically, to have been through. internationally there was one attempting to thousand and. it was a plastic knife. >> and also, zero major stabbing issues with sharp objects. >> zero that i am aware of. >> for me then, that begs the question that we will look at the number of attempts or successes that have taken place involving sharp objects post-september 11, the answer is there have been zero, and that begs the question, and that number get better rates and the answer is no. but it also begs the question cannot get worse? and to me the answer is yes, it can get much worse. and so i ask how does allowing sharp objects on board now published the goal of mainta
is law of the land and being enacted in over 20 states, conservatives can't seem to let it go. >> this law is a disaster. >> anybody who thinks we've moved beyond it is dead wrong. obama care should be repealed, root and branch. >> and i want you to know, we're not backing down from this fight. >> so if americans are clinging to any hope that the rest of cpac might result in triumph of thought or reason or anything new, our best advice would be -- do not hold your breath. rick santorum is about to speak, mitt romney is due up in an hour and sarah palin will take the stage tomorrow with one of the longest speaking slots at conference, joining us from washington now is former rnc chairman, was your head hung in shame just now? msnbc political analyst michael steele. >> were you literally just grabbing at your brow, like how can it be that sarah palin has gotten one of the longest speaking slots, chairman? >> no, you came to me just as i was sneezing. >> oh. never mind. let's open it up to the panel. i'm kidding. but chairman, look this morning i think a lot of people who are for
? >> you know, my dream was probably always to go to law school. that would be a dream. but i just take it as it comes. see how it goes. >> do you have any regrets. do you worry about the future? >> no. once i made the decision and you know, i feel good about it and feel good about the way it turned out, so no, i don't have any regrets. it turned out exactly the way i would have hoped it would. i will move forward and play it by ear and take it as it comes. >> again, to reiterate, why did you do this? why? why would you put yourself out there like this? >> you know, like the people need to hear what someone really believes. they needed to hear what he really thinks. he was just saying the absolute opposite in public. and i just felt like that, you know, just watch him on tv and that just wasn't what he was saying in public. so it just -- everybody needed to hear that. >> so you knew you had a unique seat in history as to what had been said. >> yeah, i thought it could be a game-changer. i thought maybe he would leave the campaign at that point. >> okay, scott prouty, thanks for your tim
on repealing the president's health care law which is law of the land, being enacted in over 25 states. is he a serious political figure, a serious policy figure in republican circles? >> he is a serious political figure and a serious policy figure in the republican party, but the governor's criticism about the budget is spot on. its formulations are not based in reality. obama care has been validated by the court, it was validated in the last election, it is the law of the land. i think that it is important for republicans to communicate clearly to the country about the costs and future of the interest payments on out of control spending, that's an absolute threat to our future prosperity. we're going to have to deal with that as a country. when you put forward the plans and proposals, particularly when you're the minority party, particularly when you're out of power, it ought to be a document that's grounded in reality, in truth telling to the american people. >> reality and truth telling, endangered species in some circles. steve schmidt and howard dean, thank you both for joining me. >> y
this law before. snyder and his republican allies came back in and rammed it back through. today the governor and i were both guests on "morning joe" and i pressed him on this very issue. >> governor, i think no one can defend the condition that detroit is in but how do you deal with the fact that the customers feel disenfran is chew disenfranchised decision and undermines people's right to vote because the only one who voted for kevin was you and this is something that is very disturbing that you have governors undermine the willing voters. there was a referendum last year opposed to this kind of action. you did it anyway. >> reverend, if you look at it, the old law went away. it was in response to the issues and i was elected by the people of michigan. and i think that's critically important. the citizens of detroit are my customer. >> what if i'm in detroit, reverend charles williams and others are raising this, in all due respect, and i vote for city council and mayor to represent me during the financial crisis, now you bring in someone unelected, like in pontiac we had someo
from marry, and how does portman reconcile his own beliefs with the state law? >> i suspect that he now opposes the state's law and you would have to ask him in order to get a definitive a answer, and i would say that he opposes his own state's law, because it prevents marriage between same sex couples, yeah. >> and he was considered to be a running mate for mitt romney, and he said he did reveal his son's sexuality in the vetting process, and beth myers who conducted the vetting process said it did not pose an issue. but wouldn't it have posed some discussion. >> it don't believe so, because back in 2004 when we had george bush and dick cheney running for re-election, george bush took his stance with regard to same-sex marriage, and dick cheney is in favor for same-sex marriage and has said so publicly for many times. but in the case of mitt romney, because there is always more suspicion about him among the social conservatives maybe something that would have played more of a role there than the 2004 campaign, but i highly doubt this had anything the do with why senator portman was not
believe that the laws are in place to further our society -- >> bill: woe. woe. woe. it's not illegal to be gay. >> caller: it's not illegal to be gay, but the laws are in place to have one man, one woman, and because we have got one man, one woman, our population will continue to thrive -- >> bill: but adale, i don't think you have thought this through my friend. we used to have laws that said black people couldn't drink from the same water fountain too, right? and we changed that law. we have changed a lot of laws that we found out that those laws were wrong. we're talking about in a civil ceremony that people can get married. what harm would it be if one of your gay relatives got married to a person of the same sex. >> caller: it would not because any harm to me. if they decide to do what they decide to do that is on them. what i'm saying i don't believe there should be laws in place -- >> bill: why should there be laws which prohibit some americans from having the same rights that you do? >> caller: because first it's -- it's -- i don't think it's a civi
on the number of cases that specific law -- one reason the civil case law or dhaka -- docket is down in the court is the new statutes that congress passed which produces litigation there haven't been many last year the health statued one but that took a long time to come up with to read the bankruptcy reform act was more than ten years ago dows produced pieces. new statutes passed by the congress generate. dodd-frank and the other securities act of the cases haven't seemed to produce much of those cases are beginning to work their way through the system. >> i will let one of thing that might be useful and that is i am thinking of prefiguring some memories and the problem it doesn't change much over 40 or 40 years. it's more pressing now and that it's been around for a long time and there were two things. 1i went to and the other i read many years ago that i thought were useful in this respect. one, chief justice burger used to have williamsburg conferences where he would invite members of congress, their staff as well as their judges to discuss all kinds of issues of interest
no to expanding medicare for their poor. they're the ones who are saying yes to the voter i.d. laws they hope will keep minority voters home. the idea is softening your language on a few social issues and on immigration to lure more hispanics is not a cure for their overall policy and stylistic problems. >> no, i think what you do is do that to make the older white voter feel better about being a republican. >> right. >> we're not racist, not anti-latino, we're not anti-gay. you don't encourage actually anyone affected -- anyway, the chairman of the party, reince priebus, what republicans are calling the growth and opportunity project. focus groups describe the republican party as narrow minded, out of touch, stuffy old men and the party of the rich. take a look at priebus earlier today. >> our message was weak. our ground game was insufficient. we weren't inclusive. we were behind in both data and digital. and our primary and debate process needed improvement. so there's no one solution. there's a long list of them. >> governor, if you were in a choosing side situation, would you ever pick h
campaign of her husband and the compass relationship with her mother in law abigail adams. we will include your comments and questions monday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span and c-span3, who also on c-span radio in next, defense secretary chuck hagel announces the deployment of intercepted missiles -- interceptor missiles on the west coast. next, new hampshire senator then at 8:0040nd 5:00 p.m., a former florida governor jeb bush. the pentagon will spend $1 billion to add 14 interceptor missiles, along the west coast to the u.s.-based missile defense system. secretary chuck hagel made this announcement, saying he was determined to ensure the protection of the u.s. homeland and state ahead of the north korea missile program. this is 25 minutes. >> good afternoon. a statement, and then i will take a couple of questions and ask the under secretary, the vice chief to address the specific questions you have about the topic that we will talk about. announcing a series of steps the united states will take to stay ahead of the challenge posed by iran and north korea d
in just minutes. protect your family... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. >>> there's a lot of talk these days about a certain charm offensive in washington. to me, it's basically this. president obama has the charm, republicans are just offensive. today, the president continued his outreach to house republicans with a visit to capitol hill. it was described as a tense meeting. gee, i would wonder why. after all, the gop has been so welcoming. just take the gop conference chairwoman. she told her colleagues that they should not take pictures of the president or ask him for his autograph. don't get too close, he might bite. and then there's congressman ryan. just listen to his reaction to the president's so have called charm offensive. >> it didn't come across as terribly charming to me. the question is, is he going to go out on the campaign trail and start campaigning against us again like he has been since the election? was the so-called charm offensive a temporary poll-driven political calculation? or was it a sincere conversion to try and bring bec
. if congress passes a law which taxes wealth -- that is a bank deposit -- yes, it could happen here. in practice, it will not happen here. >>ainsley: it will be a riot. >> plus america can print its own money. you can print dollars to get out of trouble if you're in extreme situations. cyprus uses the euro, somebody else's currency. >>brian: the problem is this is the deal they cut in order to survive. the e.u. gave them this money and said this is some of the austerity things you must do. >> cyprus is bankrupt. it needed an extra $13 billion to keep going. the europeans said we'll give you the money, but you've got to give some of it back from the deposits of everybody in the country. so they're going to take money out of your private bank account in order to pay for this bailout. that breaches a very important principle. until now if you're in a bankrupt country, the bondholders, the people who lent the country money, they were the losers. now it's the citizens directly. >>ainsley: they haven't done it yet, so these people are running to the a.t.m.'s getting their money out. >> bu
law in san diego environmental law. you have been at that commissioner in san diego, member of city council? right? >> right. >> in la joya. what is it like as a freshman member of congress? you have only been there since january. are you glad you ran for the office? are you enjoying it? >> it's a big opportunity. i love public service. i have been fortunate enough to do it. i love it to be able to do things because i believe government can be a positive agent for change and that there are important -- it's an important role for government in supporting american prosperity. people in san diego would say i could get things done. trying to bring that at toured to d.c. here it's a huge honor to be here. the history of the institution is so impressive, and there has been a lot of great things accomplished here right now it's in irons. we are a ship with no wind in our sails. a lot of us are new. out of the congress, 20% of us were selected for the first time. we sit around scratching our heads about why fly across the country. a couple ofiques
that in texas we need the right to protect ourselves. some people don't get it. obama has broken the law and .umerous times congress should bring him to committee to find out why he is allowed not to do the budget. and to release budget those are the questions i have. host: robert is joining us from colorado, independent line. we are talking about cpac, the senate democrats' budget, and politics in general in the nation's capital. caller: good morning. i would like to point out that so many automatic weapons between rifles and pistols is actually no different. we just band of 30-round trip but -- clip in colorado. what will happen next time if somebody brings in four pistols or six pistols with 15 rounds each in them? clip reloading. i just pull them out of my person and fire 15 rounds, than 15 rounds, then 15 rounds. i have my 90 rounds off. are they going to ban pistols? i would like to know. att: later in the program 8:15 eastern time we will take a look at america by the numbers and examine the issue of mental health issues among young people we are also getting your comments on our
? a book called "above the law: police and the excessive use of force" by jerome skolnick and james fyfe says police often view their work as an us versus them war rather than about community engagement. they also say, excessive police violence persists because of a lack of official account blt. policing is extraordinarily difficult and dangerous and most of them worry about not going home every day. i get that. the fear-based response means treating citizens like enemy combatants which can lead to many dead and police settlements in double digits annually in many cities. this in a world where david kennedy had massive success by instituting community policing. this in a world where we could go case after case nationwide where police killed wrongly, unarmed amadou diallo shot 42 times in new york. orlando barlow shot and killed while surrendering on his knees in las vegas. oscar grant shot and killed in the back in oakland. aaron campbell shot and killed in his mother's house in portland. a jury would say it resulted from flawed police practices. steven washington, an autistic man, shot
could take is to allow for a strategic reform of our immigration laws so we can bring young, aspirational people that will rebuild the demographic pyramid to make our entitlement secure and jump-start our economy in a way that would create an uplifting of our hopes and dreams. but also directly impact u.s. growth. >> former florida governor jeb bush on immigration wars part of book tv this weekend on c-span2. >> the pentagon will spend $1 billion to add 14 interceptor missiles to the west coast. defense secretary chuck hagel made this announcement during a briefing with the press core. he says she's he is to ensure protection. with the joint chiefs of staffs and defense under secretary for policy james miller. his is 25 minutes. >> good afternoon. i have a statement, and then i will take a couple of questions and ask the under secretary, the vice chief to address the specific questions you have about the topic that we will talk about. today, i am announcing a series of steps the united states will take to stay ahead of the challenge posed by iran and north korea development
if we put some rules, some law around this that ensures due process, the rule of law and transparency. we should lead the way. the president should not allow himself to be coming up on the backside of this. he should be helping to lead this effort. you know, the reality is that there are legitimate uses of drones and there are some illegitimate uses of them. when people are not combatants, they should not be subject to target assassination. we should arrest people if they violated the law. we should only use this sort of technology in the circumstances to protect american lives to do so. but i think that the technology has outrun the rules. we've got to get a handle on this right away. i agree with poe did he say toe. >> there's been disagreement even amongst the republican party. i'm sure you saw john mccain criticizing rand paul who filibusternd and said paul is foolish to be worried about drones being used on americans on u.s. soil. who is right on that one? >> i probably would disagree with rand paul on 99% of all things. i am very glad that he used the power of the filibuster to
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connell earlier speaking with a giant stack of paper which was the obama care law which was brought out and wrapped in red bow, of course, we know he's running for re-election and said it needs to be repealed, root and branch, so, you know, some red meat here, chuck. >> and then there was the -- maybe the line of the -- the heckle line of the day yesterday. don't drone me, bro, to rand paul. tell me about that. >> reporter: yeah. yeah, i don't quite think it was a heckling. i think that it was rand paul saying i have a very clear message, if you remember it's kind of similar when he said i have a message from the tea party when he came. >> right. >> reporter: remember his 13-hour filibuster was mostly about drones and one of his young supporters yelled out the message, don't drone me, bro. he said, well, that's not exactly the message. but very popular here. >> yes, i bet he was. you'll be there all day. tomorrow as well. enjoy. we'll check back in later. >> reporter: thank you, sir. >>> from the lone star state to the great white way, the one-woman play about the late texas governor an
basic concerns, and there is a concern about the gun laws like the assault weapons ban would be effective so that you will see the republicans will try to mostly strengthen the mental health aspects of this problem, and they will see, and watch very carefully to see what senators like alaskan senator mark begich and arkansas senator pryor and louisiana senator mary landrieu, and if they don't go towards the gun control side, then the republicans certainly won't. >> and jason, talk about that, because for harry reid, does it cause problem for him being in the committee and he being a gun owner and he being the senator from nevada, will that cause difficulty for him? >> i live in texas, and even here, a huge majority of people are here for closing the gun show loophole and bringing it into the fold here and half of the voters here in texas support banning the assault weapons. voters are speaking out in increasing numbers about doing something about this, taand the new york times is right that the republicans and the senate are bringing up any reason possible to stop it while th
and so forth. he doesn't want too of offend them by signing into law a pipeline that will burn petroleum. how do you answer that. >> the fourth environmental review came out by his own state department and said there are no significant environmental impacts with the project. there will be less greenhouse emissions if the project is built than if it's not built. furthermore in a recent poll over 70% of americans said we want this project. all of those issues have been addressed. jon: we'll see what the president decides. he says he's going to wait maybe until summer i guess to decide on this thing. senator baucus, senator hoeven, joined by 12 other senators from both parties on this legislation. thank you for joining us today. >> thanks, jon. >> thanks a lot. jenna: the president is preparing for his landmark trip to israel next week addressing the issue of iran's nuclear program. what he's saying now about the timing for iran to develop nuclear weapons that is really making some headlines. also some startling new video of jodi arias. we've seen her testifying for 18 days in her murder tr
.com today and make your business dream a reality. at we put the law on your side. >>> crews are making progress in a colorado wildfire. that fire started friday near f collins and burned almost 1,000 acres. a bus carries a college lacrosse team went off the road. the pregnant head coach and her unborn baby and the driver all died. >>> iranian state tv says the ill mar military says thatter rain has launched a -- >>> cpac recap, dozens of republicans who have dozens of ideas -- >> never again can the republican party simply write off entire segments of our society because we assume our principles have limited appeal. they have broad appeal. >> joining me now, former democratic congressman martin frost, and republican strategist know well nickpoor who's all right of kick off america. did the heir to the thrown emerge at the democratic convention? >> a lot of people are really standing behind the winner of the straw poll, rand paul. he really has some pretty good views and while a lot of people did not agree with his filibustering for that 13 grueling hours, a lot of people lik
and be activist on it? are you going to go home to ohio and say let's change this state law and get rid of the ban on gay marriage which is probably one of the most sweeping in the country? >> well, people are going to know my position. but as you know, i've never really been involved in this issue one way or the other. i have voted consistent with again my beliefs at the time. >> reporter: but does your son and the new experience with your son change that? will you be active on it? >> you know, i'm kind of an economic policy walk. that's why i got in this business. that's what i've always focused on. how to get the economy going, get jobs back, and i spent hours this week in the budget committee. i'll be going back soon. the budget is on the floor next week. and those will continue to be the issues that i'll put my primary focus on. >> reporter: what do you say to a gay constituent in ohio who says, i'm so glad he changed his position but why did it take him learning that he has a gay son? why didn't he as my representative care about my rights before that? >> well, i would say that, you know, i'
be registered overseas and when it's in international waters, the laws are murky. there are guidelines in place about safety but schumer doesn't think that's enough. we've been here before with the airlines. who can forget jetblue's plane stuck on the tarmac in 2007. there was a passenger bill of rights that passed limiting how much time you can stuck on a plane. it took three years to get that legislation going. the bottom line is the cruise industry may be tougher to regulate and get that passenger bill of rights for the cruise industry. carol? >> we would like to end our first block of news this hour with david hasselhoff. the television actor and singer and now fighter for the berlin wall. hasselhoff was in germany joining other protesters in support of saving one of the last remaining sections of the berlin wall. he has rock star status in germany and as only hasselhoff can he used song to pump up the crowd. >> more people down there. hello. ♪ i've been looking for freedom ♪ ♪ i've been looking so long ♪ i've been looking for freedom ♪ >> you stop that dancing. developers reporte
are awaiting a speech by one of the most outspoken critics of obama's health care law and momentarily he'll be addressing this year's conservative political action conference cpac as it's known. hello, everyone, glad you're with us, i'm gregg jarrett and welcome to america's news headquarters. >> thanks for joining us, i'm hell they are childress. and america's most influential conservatives, and speaking michele bachmann, take a look at her live there. in a few minutes the health care debate will take center stage with dr. ben carson, who is considered a trail blazer by some republicans, for his views. molly henneberg is there at cpac live with the latest, molly? >> reporter: good morning, heather, good morning, gregg. yes, dr. carson will speak after michele bachmann finishing at the podium. and scott walker as well as house speaker newt gingrich. told the crowd that republicans and conservatives need to change the way they approach politics, here is more. >> we don't need new principles, but we need lots of ideas how to implement those principles in the 21st century. >> some of the ot
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, get my life -- back on my feet. take care of my responsibilities, don't break the law. >> with only the clothes on his back and a couple of bus tokens in his pocket, daniel johns walks out of jail once again a free man. >>> in 2006, increased violence, much of it between black and hispanic inmates, resulted in injuries and even death in the los angeles county jail system. sheriff lee baca blames the violence on a lack of staff, saying that his decision to close some facilities in order to deal with a budget shortfall has forced far fewer deputies to watch over a growing inmate population. >>> that's our report. thanks for watching. i'm john seigenthaler. >>> splitsville on the right. let's play "hardball." >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. i watched the conservatives at their convention today and was impressed by the strong response to mitt romney. they seem stuck on him. as we used to say, stuck on mitty, they like him, still like him enough to give him a pretty good welcome today. this guy who lost an election he and many others th
. >>> meanwhile, a leading republican law maker is raising serious new concerns about the obama administration's handling of the benghazi tor attack. it's senator lindsey graham accusing the white house of telling the injured survivors to, quote, be quiet and not share their stories. now he's urging his colleagues to help him get to the bottom of it. elizabeth prann reporting for us live in washington. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning, jamie. we're learning more about the three diplomatic security agents and a state department contractor who were among the injured. the four injured who we know belonged to state department but there were other personnel on the ground. republican senator lindsey graham tells fox news the injured survivors have been told to be quiet. he says the house should investigate. >> but i'm going to hold up the business of the senate until we get the survivors on record. i've talked to a couple, and their story is chilling. they're scared to death to come forward without some institutional support. >> reporter: now, when asked about the survivors, press
statute. i have certain powers under state law that allow me to transcend some of the duties typically held by a chief executive but the mayor is still the mayor. i think of myself as exactly what the statute says i am, an emergency financial manager. >> if i may emphasize it was great the mayor was a participant today in the news conference. >> yes. >> we wanted him to be a strong partner in this effort and it was great to have mayor bing with us today. >> how likely is it, governor, and i'll let mr. orr respond, how likely is it this could be a huge bankruptcy in the works right now for detroit unless you guys come up with a specific plan that is going to be very bitter for a lot of folks there. >> again the goal isn't to go into bankruptcy. the goal is to solve the problem. that is the focus kevyn is going to have and one reason i was excited to get him onboard. he is one of the best restructuring bankruptcy people in the country and to make people know this is serious but the goal is to work together as a team, go to creditors, work through this in a constructive, positive process
. >> i thought against law and odds in a deep blue state but i was a severely conservative republican governor. >> romney will have his swan song at cpac also on saturday at 5:00 p.m. releasing the results of the straw poll. no one wants to make too much of any straw poll. do note this. interesting trend. the last three gop presidential nominees either finished first or second at some point in their bids at cpac. romney finished first or second every single year in the cpac straw poll from 2007 to 2012. up next, pope francis begins his first full day at the vatican. we'll head live to rome where the first latin american pope and first jesuit is sending a strong message about change in the church. >>> and karzai clash. the strained relationship with the afghan president and what it means as the u.s. tries to wind down america's longest war. first, a look ahead at today's politics planner. it is loaded with cpac and the president headed to the senate. and he also meets with house democrats. how many cpac speakers who happen to be senators will skip cpac and favor the president? you're w
, as you can see, all of the community came out to support us, you know, even other law enforcements have been trying to reach out to help us. we just want her back. that's it. >> and you want your 3-week-old to have her god mother and meet her. we hope you find the car, we hope you find her safe and sound. thank you. >> thank you. >>> be right back. >>> cpac has started. cpac, acronym for conservative political action conference. live pictures here. they are meeting this year in national harbor, maryland. here's an image you may remember. this takes you back a couple of years. this was cpac 2009, rush limbaugh. remember this speech? he fired them up. what you get at cpac, you get a lot of talk about conservative principles, lower taxes, face to the constitution, never bending to the winds of change. well, guess what, marco rubio, you know him, conservative up and comer. just about an hour ago, he talked. he told these folks, here he is, and i quote, the world has changed. that's what he said. then he said, we need to stop the bickering, his word here, bickering, about taxes and smaller g
to see how that would go over in a law school class when a prefer asks you to distinguish cases. i have been very educated and i'm offend by that question. i -- >> sean: i've read the constitution. >> on college campuses with co-eds telling me they're offended. it's going to be harder to say that's not an answer now that the u.s. senators are using that as an answer, and what dianne feinstein eventually got toning a was preposterous, and he said we banned child pornography. the very answer proofs the absurdity. the first amendment protects speech, not photograph, certainly not photographs photof genitals. if we interpreted the -- you could have your own personal weapon, that's how extreme it is, and in fact the first amendment does protect virtual child pornography, certainly protects writing about child pornography, and for her to say, we're not banning these other guns, okay, let's ban the eye "new york times" because we still have the "los angeles times" "post". >> he nailed her and so she said i'm offended. >> i used to think women should not be able to vote. and now i think women s
and paying retail. and obviously that makes no sense. it's a legacy of the law that was jammed through by tom delay known as the hammer when it was made illegal for the government to negotiate full-price discounts in the medicare program. no capitalist would do that. they would pay wholesale if buying wholesale. >> john: congressman peter welsh, i would have to say that particular plan would upset big farm ma, but you could take that on yourself and win. thank you for your time your service, and your very promising new bill. >> john: also joining us tonight to unpack the budget battle for "newsweek" the one and only michael tomas tomasky. welcome. >> thank you. >> john: if the president leads were behind, he's criticized. if he stays at home, they a they say the guy's not leading. what can he do? >> what can he do? accept the ryan budget. that's what they mean by leadership, john as you know, as you said at the top of the segment. they're not going to bend on revenues and they're not going to give an inch. what they mean is that the deal has to be done on their terms. that's what they mean. i
gay marriage. >> and this cardinal fought against that law. >> yeah, and argentina has had it for a couple of years now and it hasn't floated off into the ocean. >> you know what else argentina has, penguins. gay penguins! [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> he fought against that new law tooth and nail. and he is very very against gay adoption. >> at least he is a dinner pope. he gets his meal at 5:00 instead of 3:00. >> he is 73. he is not a young pope. >> somebody asked me on twitter, everybody was saying that the next pope was going to be from african, and i said everybody knows that the first pope after george, with comes w pope. >> stephanie: all right. steve doocy. >> we know this is simply a tactic. the participateresident is not serious about reaching across the aisle, but he saw his poll numbers imploding -- [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> serving a ploy my friends. do not trust the black man in the white house. >> stephanie: yeah, he literally can't do anything that fox news won't find something wrong with. >> so the president cured cancer. now there is going
fantasy. and he seems to work in this fiction fantasy and fairy tale world and in the court of law, we work in fact, we trade in fact. the facts are undisputed, the scientific evidence, the circumstantial evidence established beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury of his peers that phil spector put a gun in lana clarkson's mouth and killed her on february 3rd. that is uncontroverted. >> yeah, i think both sides don't like this movie no matter what they believe. alan, during the trial your opening statement, i believe you said lana was murdered twice when she was killed and during the trial with her character assassination. a review on this movie, is he successful in introducing doubt? i know you believe that he killed lana, but there are people out there who believe that she was under the influence of alcohol and pills and killed herself. your response to that. >> the evidence couldn't be more clear. the evidence could not be more straightforward. david mamet ignored basically everything that was presented in the trial that was based in fact. again, the movie and i saw the movie. i've see
is a well respected law enforcement guy, a veteran of the fbi, now running the tsa. he says, listen, the threat is not from knives. we know what al qaeda's intentions are and they are intent on blowing up or bringing down an aircraft. and now that the cockpit door is hard yepped, it is impossible for someone to get in and attack the pilots with a knife. that said, you've got just about every single member in aviation safety coming out opposed to this. you said the flight attendants, the airlines, three of them any way, you've got pilots coming out opposed to it. you've got major players including the air marshals opposed to this plan. and now this bipartisan effort on capitol hill to perhaps pass legislation that would not allow tsa to go forward with this. but the administration here has some strange bedfellows and it is in the republican party. some republicans think that the tsa is absolutely right that it makes no sense to be going after small knives. that's a waste time. it just gum up checkpoints. what the tsa should be doing is going after, at the same time burk really focusi
. at we put the law on your side. >>> focus groups described our party as narrow minded. out of touch. and, quote, stuffy old men. >> it turns out the narrow minded, out of touch and stuffy old men really didn't like what rnc had to say about the party yesterday. and now the gop has a civil war on its hands. the conservative national review is calling its recommendations shallow and opportunistic. donald trump is in on the act tweeting that the report was written by the ruling class of consultants who blew the election. short on ideas, just giving excuses to donors. that's right. even calling for the heads of the establishment. >> reince priebus was the head of the republican national committee when romney lost. why hasn't he been fired? karl rove ran the biggest independent pac in america, or one of them. he won 1.3% of his races. these losers are not going to save the republican party. >> wow. they usually save that kind of hate for democrats. but, of course, the loudest voice is coming from the most narrow minded of all the stuffy old men. you know who i mean. >> so the re
commanders would have the same power that a judge in the court of law should have. particularly as a crime as serious and disgusting as rape or sexual assault. let's be honest the stat the man gave about the male victims in the military. >> 56% of all assaults are men. >> get this, of the 2,439 formal reports submitted back in 2011, only 240 actually went to trial. 240 of 2400. that is astounding. we have some serious issues. a culture we need to break in the military. that is scary. >> the president has asked for $525 billion for the department of defense budget. let's hope some of that goes to resolving this problem. >> bringing folks to justice. >> yes. >> when we come back, celebrities in their own unique way react to the new pope. >> you are watching "world news now." we'll be right back. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. ♪skinny so skinny >> the news everyone was glued to the tv about yesterday. >> the pope. >> selection of the new pope the you saw the white smoke come out of the chimney and big things were about to happen. of course, celebr
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